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User agreement

- If you are using you are bound to keep you updated on these terms.

- is designed for individuals and businesses. Name of contact person must be designated.

- If you as a company want to advertise you must select "Company " as ad type.

- The advertisement may not contain information or advertise for similar activities such as conducts.

- The title should be short and describe what you sell as well as possible. It must not be misleading.

- You will not post the same ad repeatedly.

- The ad must be added to the right category. If you have several different things to sell, you should post an ad for every thing.

- Ads must follow the Board's rules on animal welfare. Advertisers are solely responsible for this .

- Cats and dogs may not be sold for less than $15 unless there are special circumstances.

- Ads that are not complete, offensive or contain illegal content are not allowed.

- Sale of counterfeit goods is not allowed.

- Pictures and links should describe the ad's content and must be your own (see Copyright Act).

- Ads for divination, healing, psychic counseling, horoscopes, etc. will not be approved.

- If you see an ad that is known to break the law you are obliged to report it to us at "Report ad " link provided on the ad page.

- The advertiser is solely responsible for ad content and quality. have no responsibility for this or anything else related to the ad.

- Advertising material published on other sites than By advertising on you agree to this.

- MLM, reseller ads etc. which are similar in content and repeated in different ways by different users will not be approved.

- may not be used for personal ads, escort services or the sale of sexual services.

- Advertisements of a pornographic nature or ads that link to adult material not allowed.

- Ads for sex toys, Viagra or similar goods are not allowed.

- Sales of used or new underwear is not allowed. cooperate with the police when necessary. Follow our rules.

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